CHAIR SOCKS. What MATERIAL are chair socks MADE of?

Felt chair socks are crafted from artificial felt. Information on why we use artificial felt can be found here.
Crochet chair socks are crafted from tightly woven thick durable polyester rope. Information on why we use this kind of rope over natural wool yarn can be found here.



Detailed information on how to measure a chair leg properly can be found here.


CHAIR SOCKS. My chair legs are a DIFFERENT SIZE and SHAPE than the ones offered.

Email order@cozymozyhome.com with the measurements of your chair legs. For a guide on how to properly measure the size of a chair leg, click here. Adding a photo of your chair would be helpful.
We will contact you and provide a link for a custom order.


CHAIR SOCKS. I want a DIFFERENT COLOR than the ones offered.

We sew felt chair socks in light gray, dark brown, and black.
Light gray goes well with metal or white chair legs. The light gray felt chair socks also pairs well with our other products made from the same felt, such as baskets, table decorations, pet supplies or home decorations.
Dark brown and black are the most popular colors for chair legs.
The entire palette of available colors for crocheted chair socks can be found here. You can choose matching shades or make everyone surprised and smile by choosing some colorful chair socks. Choose the one you want and order in the usual way.
P.S. Colors on our screens and yours may vary depending on your device and screen settings.


CHAIR SOCKS. Can chair socks be WASHED in the WASHING MACHINE?

Yes, both crocheted and felt chair socks are machine washable at 30°C / 86°F.
Do not bleach with chemical treatment. If necessary, it is best to use detergent with gall.
Do not tumble dry. Both crocheted and sewn felt chair socks dry very quickly naturally.
They do not need to be ironed. After washing, they retain their shape and remain unchanged.


CHAIR SOCKS. Will I be able to EXCHANGE / RETURN if chair socks don‘t fit or I don't like them?

Yes, all our products, including custom orders, can be exchanged or returned.
If the size of the chair socks does not fit, we will exchange them until it does :)
If you‘re not satisfied with the chair socks, you can return them. We're confident you'll love them :)


BASKETS. Are felt baskets strong and hold their shape?

We use 5 mm thick felt for the baskets. Even our largest baskets are sturdy and maintain their shape.