Here We Are

Welcome to the home of creativity and craftsmanship – a cozy place where the magic of Cozy Mozy Home comes to life!

In our cozy home studio, our passionate team crafts handmade treasures designed to bring warmth and charm into your living spaces. At Cozy Mozy Home we believe in the uniqueness of handmade, where each creation narrates a story of a passion for creativity, a commitment to quality, and love for every customer.

Home should be a place where our BODY, MIND, and SOUL can recover.

SUSTAINABILITY is the cornerstone of all our products. Sustainability is more than just what is natural. For us, sustainability means items designed for a long time use, adaptable to changing needs, and easy to maintain.

In today's fast-changing world, our home environment should easily ADAPT to our CHANGING LIFESTYLE.
That's why we are happy to offer thoughtfully crafted, creative, and cozy home interior items, making HOME and HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZING EFFORTLESS.

We strive to merge SUSTAINABLE PRACTICALITY with BEAUTIFUL MINIMALISM by offering mindfully designed HOME ITEMS that are PRACTICAL, BEAUTIFUL, and DURABLE.
We do not chase passing trends in shapes and colors, we do not use unnecessary details.
We focus on clear and simple shapes, and serene earthy tones, so they can be easily adapted to various family members’ needs and interior styles.
By selecting sustainable and enduring materials, we ensure our products are durable and easy to maintain.

We aim to create COZY SIMPLICITY, BEAUTIFUL PRACTICALITY, and TRUE SUSTAINABILITY in your home, providing you more time for relaxation and bonding with your family, rather than constant tidying.


Under the COZY MOZY HOME brand

• Our popular item - durable CHAIR SOCKS designed for floor protection. Available in crocheted strong rope or sewn felt options, featuring neutral colors or colored, plain or ornamented designs. These chair socks are long-lasting, even with daily use and multiple washes in the washing machine. Many customers have shared their regret for not discovering these chair socks earlier! :)

• Here you will also find STORAGE BASKETS of various sizes, which can be easily adapted to various needs of your home and family members. Our storage baskets are both practical and visually appealing, eliminating the need to conceal them, and allowing you to store items exactly where you prefer.
In   t h e   l i v i n g r o o m,   our baskets are suitable for accommodating blankets and floor cushions.
In   t h e   k i d ' s   r o o m,   our storage baskets aid in organizing and neatly storing various large and small toys and other children's equipment. Additionally, they are highly useful in the closet for conveniently storing kids' clothes and assisting children in maintaining closet organization on their own.
In   t h e   b a t h r o o m,   a tall and spacious laundry basket can be placed in the corner, proving to be quite practical. One basket will easily accommodate the laundry of the entire family. If you have additional space, choosing baskets in different colors enables each family member to sort their light and dark laundry efficiently.
Even in   t h e   k i t c h e n,   these baskets prove versatile. They are ideal for storing food storage boxes and containers, as well as for stylishly collecting and organizing sorted or recycled packaging.

• Dogs and cats aren't just pets. They're our friends. That's why you'll find a range of goods for them here: TOYS, BEDS, HOUSES, SCRATCHERS for PETS - everything to ensure our furry companions feel happy and entertained in our homes.


Under the COZY MOZY LINEN brand

The Cozy Mozy Linen brand caters to individuals seeking natural materials alongside sustainability.

Sustainability is central to all our products.
However, many natural materials often lack sustainability. Their production typically involves pollution, complicated maintenance, faster wear and tear, and can trigger allergies.

Nevertheless, LINEN stands out as a sustainable material.

• Flax cultivation doesn't involve chemicals.

• Linen is highly durable, allowing products to endure frequent washing cycles without significant wear.

• It doesn't shrink at high temperatures, making it compatible with regular washing programs.

• Linen also possesses natural anti-allergic properties, making it suitable even for those with allergies.

That's why you'll find here linen products for the home - NAPKINS, TEA TOWELS, APRONS, FOOD BAGS.



We craft our products from sturdy ROPE, durable FELT, natural and durable LINEN, ensuring sustainability and durability.

Join us on this creative journey, and let's together enhance the warmth and coziness of everyday moments at home.