FELT Chair Socks

CROCHET Chair Socks

If you've ever used chair leg felt pads, you've probably noticed that they don't last very long. Even with the felt pads, the chairs make an unpleasant sound when pushed, and you may not even notice when these pads fall off, leaving the chair legs to scratch the floor.

Here's a solution to protect your floors and make your chairs look nice - CHAIR SOCKS!

Chair socks are our most popular product. They last a really long time, even after multiple washes in the washing machine. Customers often write to us after purchasing our chair socks - why they didn't discover them earlier! :)

You can choose between CROCHET from strong rope or SEWN from sturdy felt.

Chair socks not only protect floors from scratches but also effectively dampen the sound of sliding chairs. As a result, not only will the neighbors below be satisfied, but also family members who like to sleep longer. Our chair socks are a must-have for any home with children.

Additionally, our chair socks are the perfect solution for protecting your furniture legs from wear and tear.

You can choose crochet chair socks in neutral colors or opt for bright colors to liven up the interior.

Felt chair socks are sewn from the same material as many of our other products, ensuring they match and complement the interior. You can choose plain or patterned designs you like. The felt chair socks have a double bottom, making them really strong and resistant.

Choosing the right size will keep the chair socks in place and make moving furniture easy.

Both crochet and sewn chair socks can be customized to match the size of your furniture legs.

Both crochet and sewn felt chair socks are suitable for round or oval chair legs, as well as square, rectangular, or trapezoidal chair legs.
They are also suitable for rocking chair legs, ensuring quiet movement without leaving marks on the floor.

You can even use them for outdoor furniture on terraces. When wet from rain, both crocheted and sewn felt chair socks dry quickly, maintaining their color and shape.

Both crochet and felt chair socks are machine washable multiple times, retaining their color and shape after washing.

So why wait?

Choose the ones you like the most and enjoy their functionality!

FELT Chair Socks

CROCHET Chair Socks